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Let us be your metaphysical supply store

If you're in need of spiritual peace, let Divine Healing Spiritual Center help you find what you're looking for. We offer a wide assortment of spiritual products for your own purposes, and our experienced staff can help answer any questions you may have, You can rely on our 12 years of experience!

Learn each of the astrological signs and their traits. An introduction to your natal chart. (planetary positions at the time of your birth) will be the focus of this session! Explore your rising sign, sun sign and moon sign and what this means to you! There is magic in your chart.

With over ten years of experience, our founder, Dr. Laurie Zakresky, holds masters degrees in Usui Reiki, Mayan Reiki, and Shamanism.

She is certified to provide personalized numerology reports and is also a doctor of Qigong and an Ordained Minister.

•  Incense

•  Spiritual books

•  Singing bowls

•  Jewelry

•  Soaps and lotions

•  Fairies

•  Gemstones

We offer basic astrology and natal charts

Just some of our spiritual products:

We have the experience you rely on

•  Pendulums

•  Statues

•  Wind chimes

•  Ritual Candles

•  Runes

•  Votive holders

•  Oils


Enjoy a 10 meditation sessions with us for only $50!

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